Welcome! I’m Riccardo Pinosio. I’m director of R&D at Knights Analytics. Before that I was a technologist at Avanade and data scientist at Funda. I’m also on the scientific advisory board of digi.bio.

I hold a PhD in logic from the ILLC and lecture in machine learning at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and CMI.

I prefer to work at the intersection of R&D, business, and engineering because that’s where product innovation happens. My current focus is on NLP (information extraction, entity resolution), large-scale knowledge graphs & representation learning, and (neuro)-symbolic AI, with applications primarily to AI assisted data engineering and AI analytics automation in banking, finance, healthcare, and life sciences.

Other than that I love open source, emacs, and weird programming languages that provide new perspectives on computation.


The best way to get in contact with me is to email me at riccardo@knightsanalytics.com, or to shoot me a DM on linkedin.


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April 21, 2023 Scientific note-taking with org-roam, citar, and zotero emacs,zotero
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